Luis Puerta, Filosofía

I seek to create serene, elegant and timeless interiors.

Professional Development:

Academic Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Art History and Antiques). Master in Business Administration.

My career as an interior designer began in 1998 and since then over 50 projects can attest to my work. Focusing above all on the sphere of private residences, I have participated in over 8 editions of Casa Decor Madrid with spaces that have always been well received for their unique, personal and sensuous feeling.

Influences, style:

With electic selections, drawing on the great decorators of the 20th Century, I take as my reference a taste for simple, unstrident luxury, natural, bespoke and very personalised.

My work places as much emphasis on architecture and space as on refinement, and a love for noble materials and unique objects. 


Development through a philosophy of personalised service, tailored to each client.

The work in all my projects begins with structure, the architectonic base and comfort.

I give special importance to the balance between pieces and content,  circulation, empty space,  and the use of light.

Taking as a  base a generally rational plan, it is followed by a very careful choice of materials and of the design of each element, treating them as a whole.

During the elaboration of a renovation project if the already existing is interesting, it is always taken into account and respected; architectural period, type of construction, materials, etc.  are considered in order to continue along the same lines. In general, all projects employ natural materials, respecting their different characteristics, adding the use or reuse of older elements, such as parquetry, wooden flooring, cornices, etc.


-      Conception of the Project
o  Visit to the space and interview with client.
o  Analysis of concept, objectives, limitations.
o  Detailed extract of the already existing.
o  Project Plan.
o  Sketch and Draft.
o  Budget Estimate.
o  Definitive Plans.
o  Description of crafts in sections for building details: carpentry, electrical, masonry, plumbing, marble works, painting...
o  Detailed projection of the work required to be done by the firm undertaking the building.

-      Project follow-up.
o  In order to guarantee the materialisation of exactly what has been projected and pacted

-      Decoration phase
o  This activity consists in proposing to the client which pieces will be used for furnishing and the final finishes of the project.
o  Different selections tailored to the spirit of each project are proposed.
o  The dossier can also be composed from some elements aported by the client.
o  In general, the selection consists of: the choice of furniture (to measure, vintage, antique or new editions), range of fabrics (for curtains, seat coverings, cushions, etc), paint, wallpapers, lighting (selection of lamps, lighting fixtures, etc.), carpets, exclusively decorative objects and art works.
o  Our extensive experience in the selection and purchase of antiques should also be noted.
o  The selection process is always carried out by beginning with works of reference, catalogues and documentation of samples and fabrics.
o  An exhaustive selection of materials and objects is adjusted to the budget of each client.

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